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Team building & development

"... if you want to go far, go together."

If your looking for high impact team building in Qatar then you are in the right place. We have worked with hundreds of companies around the world to build and developing their teams. 

No matter the size of an organisation,  we spend large portions of time working with specific groups of people. By investing in the connections between each of these people, we see people flourish and visions accomplished.  

Team building

Great fun and high impact, focusing on different learning outcomes.

Team development

Investing in critical teams that require ultimate performance.

Team workshops

Engaging and interactive techniques to facilitate growth in your teams 

Team Building

We have a wide variety of team builds to appeal to different teams requiring different outcomes.  It may include one of our popular experiential activities such as ‘Chariots’, ‘Finding Mr. Smith’ or ‘Production Under Pressure’ coupled with an engaging review to consolidate the learning and experience.

Our team builds are great fun and provide a rewarding time outside of the usual work environment. 

Ask us about turn key solutions that make organising a team build easy! We use a wide variety of locations across Doha and Qatar. 

All of our team builds have the following objectives in common but can be adapted to  meet your needs:

"I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent planning, facilitation, and execution of the team building exercise in our Premier Leadership Event meeting which resulted in a very successful and engaging event"
Khalid Al-Jalham

Team development

Critical teams require ultimate performance.

Through a process of consultation and design by our expert staff we will put together a course or programme that will help your team move to the next level.

Each team is different. Some have obvious challenges others it is less clear. Our programmes are great for:

  • Developing trust and building relationships with depth
  • Developing resilience and and overcoming spirit
  • Building culture and a united vision
  • Team retreats, creative thinking and inspiration
  • Engaging individuals for long term thinking
  • Preparing people for change

Team workshops

Workshops provide a focused team discussion around different elements of team life. We create an environment that is engaging and inviting for people to interact with. Workshops help teams to align visions, understand each other better and approach problems togther. The result is more cohesive teams with practical actions to take back to the normal work environment. 

Birkman team workshop

This workshop fuses together powerful personal and team insights with eye-opening exercises and expert facilitation to create solid foundations in teams.

The Birkman Method is a powerful, scientifically developed, multi-dimensional personality assessment that gives teams and individuals a greater understanding of themselves and the language to explain their unique behaviours.

Specific barriers facing your team?

We develop bespoke programmes that help your team to overcome and grow.

In response to the common needs that teams face, we developed, and continue to develop, distinct programmes that are  built around a particular theme and outcomes. Integrated programmes are built by us to fit precisely with your organisation and provide an ongoing investment in your teams.


Talk to one of our specialists about how we can assist you in developing your team.