Presentation skills

A practical, fun course to increase confidence and performance in formal presentations.
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Course overview

The course builds around the key concepts of the presenter, the preparation and the presentation. At regular intervals, participants perform presentations and practice skills. These practice presentations increase in length until a final presentation of four minutes which is videoed. Feedback is given throughout the course, from the course trainers and the other participants. We will also explore the use of visual communication aids and how to answer questions well.

Learning objectives

Learn how to prepare efficiently and effectively to present according to the audience needs

Understand and enhance personal presentation style

Use creative communication methods to engage and persuade the audience

Practice and refine advanced presentation skills

Overcome nerves and increase performance confidence

Develop skills to answer questions and answers well

Who is it for?

A great course for both the new presenter and the seasoned professional. The opportunity to practice in a safe environment with feedback results in new skills being learned and existing ones polished.

Professional development

Key information



Group size


Mode of learning

Face to face - highly experiential


Flexible - hotel or your premises

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