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Planning skills

Plan, delegate and manage projects more effectively.

Course overview

The Planning Skills course equips participants with skills to develop high quality, bespoke strategic and operational plans. The art of delegation is critiqued and explored whilst considering job descriptions, authority, and responsibility. We examine the process of managing dynamic projects focusing on tracking progress, setting priorities, and the re-assessment of task delegation at intervals as the project progresses. Finally, the emphasis is placed on the effective communication of projects to participants and stakeholders throughout the course.

Learning objectives

Learn new approaches to create strategic, operational and contingency plans

Understand and apply SMART objectives to project planning

Increased knowledge of delegating responsibilities and authority

Be able to use dashboards and other tools to track progress

Confidently set priorities

Effectively utilise reviewing methods throughout an operational cycle

Who is it for?

New or existing leaders responsible for implementing or overseeing tasks managing projects. Also suitable for those responsible for developing strategic direction for their departments or organization.

Leadership development

Key information


2 days

Group size


Mode of learning

Face to face - highly experiential


Flexible - hotel or your premises

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