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Performance management & appraisal

Accurately encourage, challenge and identify the route to improved performance

Great performance doesn’t happen on its own – people need to be guided, developed and managed. 

This performance management course equips participants to set clear goals, provide good quality feedback and identify achievable routes to improved performance with the individuals on their team. Leaders are inspired to create a culture of honesty, praise for good work and setting the paths to excellence.


2 days


6 - 14



Learning outcomes

  • Get better performance from your team and team member
  • Carry out effective performance appraisals
  • Create a culture that inspires good performance
  • Develop key skills in the areas of planning, coaching, appraising and rewarding
  • Give negative feedback in a way that builds trust and relationship

Course overview

For many, performance appraisals simply don’t happen, are ineffective or are just the route to giving annual salary decisions. We help participants to integrate performance management and appraisal into their team culture. 

The course provides a step-by-step guide to performing appraisals with a particular emphasis on how best to give negative feedback. From the start, the group will practice performance appraisals. Participants are observed throughout and in-depth personal feedback from both instructors and fellow participants is given, allowing rapid progress. 

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