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Performance Improvement

Empowering others to produce sustainable results

Course overview

This course is about getting things done on time and to the right quality, whilst developing a continuous improvement environment. The course starts with the basics of how to work through a team of people to achieve results using the OPCAR model. This moves on to the management of time; your time and your team’s time. How to set priorities in a dynamic environment is considered. Setting up a performance management environment is covered in detail and includes performance review techniques and the giving of feedback, positive and negative.

Learning objectives

Develop skills and understanding to create an environment in which performance flourishes/ grows/ multiplies

Understand OPCAR –and how to get things done with your team

Learn tools to enable excellent priority management

Develop skills to build a performance improvement environment

Be able to diagnose reasons for poor performance

Know how to give positive and negative feedback

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for those used to lone working and who are new to teamwork and leadership. It is also highly relevant to leaders responsible for performance improvement including giving feedback and performance reviewing meetings.
1 day
Leadership development
"I found the course fascinating; it really helped me to understand what goes on underneath a conversation and gave me some really useful tools to use in difficult situations.  I felt so empowered after the course and found myself dealing with situations differently!"
Amanda Howells
Business and Administration Officer - Choose Life