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Mentoring skills

Develop successful mentoring relationships for the development of others.

Course overview

Successful mentoring enables experienced staff members to pass on their knowledge and experience in order to develop a mentee. Our two-day course covers the skills necessary for knowledge transfer and the behaviours to build effective mentoring relationships. Participants are encouraged and equipped with knowledge on how to ask the right questions, how to listen and how to structure and administer sessions. The course also covers how to build trust and respect to ensure the mentoring relationship can flourish.

Learning objectives

Understand the role of the mentor

Know how to prepare and plan for a mentoring session

Understand behaviours that will build respect and engender trust

Know how to ask the right questions to unlock potential

Become competent at building effective mentoring relationships

Who is it for?

2 day
Inter-personal development
"I found the course fascinating; it really helped me to understand what goes on underneath a conversation and gave me some really useful tools to use in difficult situations.  I felt so empowered after the course and found myself dealing with situations differently!"
Amanda Howells
Business and Administration Officer - Choose Life