Managing self-doubt to tackle bigger challenges

Equips you with the tools and processes needed to engage with and overcome significant challenges.

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the steps necessary to engage successfully with challenge.

The opportunities to build great businesses and organisations in the 21st century are enormous. To engage with those opportunities, individuals and leaders need to be able to manage themselves effectively in order to tackle the challenges they will face. 

The managing self-doubt to tackle bigger challenges course will equip you with the ability to identify and understand self-doubt. The course uses a variety of creative mediums including music and images. These lead participants on a journey of deeper understanding of their motives, skills and boundaries. Over the two workshops, you will develop an ability to work and learn from failure. The course concludes by introducing you to a framework of habits and behaviours. This will enable you to tackle bigger challenges authentically and sustainably.   

How you benefit 

  • Build understanding: Know what self-doubt is, where it comes from and how to manage it. Appreciate the challenge of failure and know how to use it to grow.
  • Know yourself: Perform a personal audit using an exercise called “Assets, Poetry and Boundaries” to understand your context, heart and limitations.
  • Develop an overcoming spirit: Apply a practical framework to develop habits and behaviours that will enable you to do things differently and overcome challenges. 

Participant profile 

Managing self-doubt to tackle bigger challenges is suitable for managers, leaders and team members who want help in overcoming challenges. 


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Professional development

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1 day

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Mode of learning

Face to face - highly experiential

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Flexible - hotel or your premises

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