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Customer service

Enhance your customer experience

This lively course will engage all participants to gain a broad awareness of the customer’s perspective. The course will inspire participants to act in ways which enhance the customer experience and build loyalty.

We firstly help participants understand the importance of great customer service, for their organisation and for themselves.
Secondly, we help participants to assess their own organisation and personal performance in the area of customer service.

Selected skills are taught and then practiced through role play and simulation exercises. Coaching and feedback help to hone skills and attitudes. The course concludes with actions that will enable consistently good customer service to be implemented on a day to day basis.

Red Rock International’s Customer Service Training course will equip your managers and team members to meet the challenges of customer-facing service delivery.


1 Day


6 - 20



Learning outcomes

  • Understand what good customer service is
  • Understand the value of good service to customers and the organisation
  • Know the six principles of customer service excellence and identify how to apply them
  • Improve team working to maximize customer service delivery
  • Develop strategies to deal with difficult situations
  • Develop and practice customer service skills
"We received a significant amount of positive feedback from the Customer Service courses, with many people saying it was the best training programme they had experienced."
Pamela Nichol-Littlejohn, Director of Business Support, SBHA.
Red Rock International was appointed by DJM Consulting to co-develop and deliver a Customer Service Training Programme for SBHA. 193 people were trained in 10 batches.

Customer service overview

The course will demonstrate the link between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and achieving organisational goals. Red Rock International is well known for innovative experiential training which reinforces classroom-based learning and this course is no exception.

The course is predominantly practical; participants will have the opportunity to practice customer service skills in a variety of scenarios. Coaching and feedback will be given throughout by our experienced trainers.

By “bringing the customer into the classroom” through lively and engaging exercises, the learning objectives are reinforced. The course represents a powerful agent for organisational change in respect to world-class service provision.

Our course creates a shared understanding of your organisational culture and values regarding customer service. The training will inspire your staff to transform good customer service into the provision of a world-class experience that will keep your service users coming back for more.

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Course modules

The Customer Journey

The course begins with an in-depth look at customer needs and motivations in the areas where they interact with your organisation. The group use mapping and role play exercises to experience the effect of good and weak customer service at each touch point.

Principles of Customer Service Excellence

There are six core principles at the heart of excellent customer service. This section helps participants to understand their importance and to recognise what they look like in practice for their role.

Customer Communication Skills

Many customer complaints stem from poor communication. This section teaches and develops communication skills relevant to the participants' roles: face to face, telephone, or written communications.

Postive Customer Conflict Resolution

When teams deal promptly with customer complaints, it acts to improve the customer's trust in the organisation. This section teaches and develops key face-to-face skills to prevent and resolve conflict.

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