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Conflict management

Be prepared, for a positive outcome

Conflict, disagreements and difficult conversations are a fact of life; what matters is how you deal with them. This conflict management training course is for leaders and managers of business teams in Qatar who want to learn powerful, practical skills and acheive consistently positive outcomes in this area.

Dealing with conflict should not be a lottery – we train participants in Qatar with the right skills and understanding to take charge of their situation and get the best results for everyone concerned. We introduce delegates to key theoretical concepts and equip them with an intuitive process for use wherever they might be.


2 days


6 - 14



Learning outcomes

  • Spot conflict situations early to avoid pitfalls
  • Engage in, rather than avoid, tough conversations while maintaining relationship
  • Remove barrier to effective sharing and communicate ideas clearly
  • Prevent conflict from escalating through skilled dialogue
  • Manage your emotions in a professional way
  • Make clear decisions that benefit both parties
"I found the course fascinating; it really helped me to understand what goes on underneath a conversation and gave me some really useful tools to use in difficult situations.  I felt so empowered after the course and found myself dealing with situations differently! "
Amanda Howells
Business and Administration Officer - Choose Life

Course overview

Drawing on key conflict management concepts from neurology and social science, we help your leaders demystify the area of conflict. Once participants understand the triggers and elements involved in conflict – and that conflict does not mean being out of control – we work through a step-by-step conflict management process. This includes role-plays, practice exercises and reviews. By the end, individuals have the confidence, the tools and the understanding to implement these vital skills in their workplace.

Conflict management

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