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Coaching for managers

Enhance performance using coaching skills.
Coaching conversation

Course overview

This course enables participants to help others enhance their performance using coaching. We cover the foundations needed for successful coaching including establishing trust and good listening skills. Several coaching models are presented together with used to aid coaching sessions.
Through practice sessions, group discussions and feedback participants polish their skills and gain confidence to coach. How to provide feedback is covered together with the practical administration of a coaching programme. Each participant completes the training by designing an individual development plan outlining a roadmap to becoming a successful coach.

Learning objectives

Help your team members and colleagues improve their performance and overcome obstacles

Learn and practice different coaching models

Plan a successful coaching process that suits your coachee

Expand your communication skills through asking questions, empathetic listening and giving and receiving feedback

Learn how to eEvaluate performance, analyse individual needs and write a development plan

Who is it for?

This course provides coaching skills to equip mangers in motivating, developing and guiding team members to reach their potential.

Inter-personal development

Key information


2 days

Group size


Mode of learning

Face to face - highly experiential


Flexible - hotel or your premises

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