Leadership & managment

People investment with real outcomes

We deliver leadership training in Qatar in English and Arabic from our local office. We develop leadership programmes that align closely with your organisational goals and deliver leadership courses to meet specific needs. 

Great Leaders are developed, not just born. Our leadership and management training connects with long term development plans to unlock the potential in your organisation’s people. 

Integrated programmes are ideal if your organisation wants customised, in-house development specific to your DNA. Core programmes build critical skills and can be applied as standalone-courses, or combined and customised into a suite of training for your leadership track.

Mindsets and skills

Our approach uses powerful experiences to affect underlying attitudes - providing a fertile ground to develop new skills laying the foundation on which new skills can be built.

Practical focus

In each area of leadership, there are a critical behaviours which have a major effect on performance. Our process equips leaders to consistently adopt these changes to see improved outcomes.

Engaging learning

Our sessions are typically 70-80% exercise based. Expect long, immersive experiences that allow life-like skills practice and impact underlying assumptions.

Integrated leadership programmes

Our integrated programmes are developed around your organisation’s DNA. This reduces the cognitive gap between understanding leadership in the classroom and applying it in the workplace. We create development experiences encompassing your organisation’s:

  • Values
  • Competency frameworks
  • Scenarios and case studies
  • Procedures
  • Language and branding 

Core Programmes

Organisations looking for leadership trainging in qatar have many different needs. We have developed  standard courses for leaders in the different stages of their journeys and in different contexts. Many of our customers start with these courses and adapt, mould and combine them to meet their specific needs.

We are able to run these on your premises, or you can come to us. If you’re looking for a turn-key solution we are more than happy to help. 

ILM recognised provider

Red Rock International works with ILM, a provider of internationally recognised leadership, management and coaching qualifications for over 70,000 leaders every year.

Since 2013 we have delivered our own ILM-Recognised courses covering key areas of leadership and personal development including Leadership Fundamentals, Performance Appraisal and Conflict Management.


Talk to one of our specialists about how we can assist you in developing your leaders.