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Sustainable leadership programme

The five Wednesdays between:

22nd January - 19th February 2020

Red Rock International’s sustainable leadership programme provides an environment where participants can learn, practice and embed key leadership skills. The programme is aimed at those with leadership experience wanting to ‘fill in the gaps’ and get an overview of leadership and how to do it. It covers the following areas:

Focus – developing a leadership style that is authentic and, identifying purpose and values that are heartfelt

Relate – building relationships that are characterised by clear communication and a willingness to listen

Share – creating a great place to work and moving together on plans and ideas

Create – identifying opportunities, having courage to take risks and embedding creativity in all elements of work

Perform – learning from success and failure to create sustainable high performance

The programme is delivered over five separate days:

  • 22nd January
  • 29th January
  • 5th February
  • 12th February
  • 19th February

28th January 2020

Theme: Collaboration

An initiative by Red Rock International to draw together learning professionals in Qatar to inspire and encourage with fresh ideas as well as tried and tested solutions to enliven your workplaces and help your employees shine.

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Recent events

Itzinya entrepreneurial programme

18th November - 16th December 2019

This programme provides an exciting and contemporary opportunity to develop skills and refine ideas to build your own business.

The programme covers the following areas: 

Think like an entrepreneur identifying opportunities and doing business with purpose

Shape your business model  – introduction to the business canvas, customers, money and marketing

Validate your assumptions – testingyourproposition and getting real world feedback

Getting traction – working on product-market-fit and preparing your pitch

The programme is delievered over five separate days.