mentoring conversation in plane cockpit

Making mentoring work

Mentoring is an effective tool for leadership development and popular with the companies we work with in Qatar. And rightly so, who would turn down the opportunity of being mentored by someone with experience, knowledge and wisdom?


Leading others through the Covid-19 outbreak

This unexpected and unwelcome new organism across our planet has made us all pay sudden attention. Even now in the early stages of disease spread, the potential impact on lives and livelihoods is apparent – and deeply shocking. For each leader, there is a struggle to look bravely ahead to what might be coming, without succumbing to the counter-productive effects of panic. 

Climbing - 2 people looking at mountains leadership

Climbing, courage & leadership

Three of us have just returned from a climbing trip in Oman. One colleague from our UK office and two of us from Qatar. Oman is a spectacular destination for vertical adventure with super friendly climbs in the wadis and big mountain routes in wild, remote landscapes. Our highlight was Jebel Qashait, a beautiful fin of rock with an airy ridgeline. The three of us took the day to slowly ascend sharp limestone snaking our way to a little-visited summit and then descending by torchlight.

ILM qualifications delivered by red rock international

Gain ILM qualifications through Red Rock International

Since 2005, we have been partnering with companies and organisations who require a fresh, high impact and tailored approach to developing their people. Over the years, our customers have asked us about including certification and qualifications in the programmes we design for them. As a result of this we chose to partner with ILM and are proud to be an ILM Approved Centre and Recognised Provider of leadership and management qualifications and development programmes, which can be delivered in English and Arabic.