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About us

Developing teams, leaders and organisations

The Red Rock International team have been involved in people development since 1993. We began working in Qatar in 2012 and have had a permanent and growing presence since 2014. Our team goes from strength to strength and we are enjoying working with a diverse range of organisations across all sectors of the Qatari economy. 

Red Rock International was founded by Nick and Robert and soon after joined by Nader. Together, they have gone on to be leaders of an organisation with more than 30 employees. By influencing attitudes, developing skills and building relationships we have helped tens of thousands of people to live better lives at work and beyond.

Along side our team in Qatar our offices in the UK, Egypt, Morocco and Korea enable us to deliver culturally relevant training to a global audience. 


Vision, purpose & values

Our vision... to be a world leader in transformative leadership, team and personal development.

Our purpose is...

to help people in organisations to establish sustainable positive changes.

to create an inspiring workplace where staff are fulfilled, developed and valued.

to develop a thriving and sustainable business.

to have a positive social and environmental impact.

We value...


We believe that overcoming challenges – physical, mental and emotional – creates powerful opportunities for growth.


Our training draws on our own experience and business practices; we live what we teach.


We exist for people, creating an open and safe environment in which to live and work. We develop long-term relationships with our customers and partners.


We strive for originality and refuse to be tied to convention. We value simplicity, elegance and beauty, whether in our natural environment, the way that we work or the courses that we design.

Meet our team

Nick Ashley

Co-founder & MD RRI Qatar

After working as an engineer for a few years controlling large items of chemical plant with computers Nick became increasingly fascinated by how teams work together. This coupled with a passion to start up a business and create some jobs, resulted in the beginning of the Red Rock International community. Nick’s experience of intense adventure leadership programmes, corporate adventure races delivered in the wilds of Kazakhstan’s Steppe and glamourous hotel based senior management training courses has placed him well to lead our business in Qatar. Married, 4 large children and still likes to think he can run well.

Robert Landon


Do you have a business plan, or staffing challenge? Robert is always keen to get involved with discussions to develop people and businesses. Since co-founding RRI in 2005, he has played many roles and currently leads the UK team and develops programmes for our customers.As a break from the laptop and video calls, he loves seeking out the steep parts of Scotland – on mountain bike or foot.Robert and his wife Beth have four children. 

Rachel Knight

Project manager

Originally a primary school teacher, Rachel joined Red Rock as a team build facilitator. Having lived in Bahrain, Oman and now Doha, Rachel firmly sees the Middle East as home. Working with Red Rock allows her to fulfil her love of new challenges and meeting people from all over the world. When not working, Rachel enjoys the outdoors, especially running. Her love of cooking is also much appreciated by her family. If there is any time left, Rachel also loves to read!

Miriam Ashley

Operations manager

Miriam has a strong background in education, starting out as a teacher before moving on to run year-long development programmes for students wanting challenging overseas placements before University. Her time as HR director for an international NGO gave her good grounding in all aspects of L&D. Miriam is one of Red Rock’s most gifted facilitator/coaches with a real skill for drawing out learning from the exercises and helping individuals to apply it to their context. A perfect day for Miriam involves a windy walk on a beach followed by a meal shared with her four (almost!) grown up children.

Sarisha Govender


Sarisha joined our firm in March 2018 and holds the position as an Accountant. She has many years of experience in the accounting, financial reporting, auditing and tax fields. Her most outstanding job qualities are her diligence about resolving technical problems, communicating with people, and being totally trustworthy. Professionally, she enjoys the challenge of identifying and solving problems, listening to the needs of business people, and managing the accounts in the company. 

When Sarisha is not rolling out the numbers she enjoys spending time with her family, going to the gym and traveling. She also loves making Indian food.

Christine Yassa

Team builds

Christine joined the RRI Qatar Team in 2018. She brings more than 6 years of administrative experience in office management. She manages our regulatory and legal compliance through our registered sponsor QFC. Christine also assists in the development and implementation of policies and procedures and she manages programmes and practices within the company. Christine is originally from Egypt and moved to Qatar in 2014. She is an organized and well-planned person who likes to keep herself busy all the time. She loves spending time with her husband and child and in her spare time, she enjoys singing and listening to music.

Sam Pate

Programme development

Sam leads the team in our Llanelli office and is passionate about developing creative approaches to engage learners. His background in engineering, combined with his love for adventure and challenge, has equipped him with the skills and experience to design exciting, valuable and relevant programmes for our customers.
Sam is a new dad and working hard to keep up the surfing & climbing Most at home in the outdoors, Sam knows first-hand the necessity of good leadership and teamwork in achieving objectives.

Seif Rabah


Seif’s background as a military engineer for the Tunisian Special Forces and subsequent work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in Doha has equipped him for an active role in Red Rock. His enthusiastic and highly motivating style is greatly appreciated by Red Rock’s clients. Seif is especially passionate about involving people in the practical aspects of courses and highly committed to helping people get the best results. When not motivating others, Seif loves to be involved in sport and adventure.

Mago Hanna

Senior trainer

Coming soon.