Conflict management

Learn how to navigate conflict to reach a positive outcome.
Conversation to resolve problems


This course trains participants in using the right skills and understanding to take charge of their situation and get the best results for everyone concerned. We introduce delegates to important theoretical concepts and equip them with an intuitive process for use wherever they might be. Drawing on key conflict management concepts from neurology and social science, we help demystify the area of conflict.
Once participants understand the triggers and elements involved in conflict – and that conflict does not mean being out of control – we work through a step-by-step conflict management process. This includes role-plays, practice exercises and reviews. By the end, individuals have the confidence, the tools and the understanding to implement these vital skills in their workplace.

Learning Objectives

Following the completion of the course and assignment, the leader will be able to:

Participant Profile

Conflict, disagreements and difficult conversations are a fact of life; what matters is how you deal with them. This conflict management training course is for leaders and managers of business teams who want to learn powerful, practical skills and achieve consistently positive outcomes in this area.

Course content

Day 1

The qualities of leadership
The leader – roles and responsibilities
Differences and similarities between leadership and management, and the need for each of them
Behavioural leadership models (situational leadership, servant oblique leader, transformational) and their significance for task performance, culture and relationships

A series of mini-activities are used to demonstrate and allow practise in applying leadership styles to different situations.

Key information


2 days

Group size


Mode of learning

Face to face - highly experiential


Flexible - hotel or your premises

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