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Team performance

Improve your team's performance by developing a peer coaching practices.

Workshop overview

This workshop helps teams to perform better by equipping them with tools and experience that they can, and will, use time and time again.Part 1: Current reality – understanding where we are at as individuals and as a team
Part 2: Setting goals – creating, setting and communicating helpful objectives
Part 3: Improving performance – supporting one another as team to improve though peer coaching, observation, feedback & self reflection.

This is a highly experiential workshop is based at an indoor climbing wall, providing an engaging platform to turn theory into reality. It doesn’t matter what level of experience or physical ability, this is about starting from where you are at, and incorporating foundational concepts to help you move toward where you want to go. Indoor climbing works exceptionally well as a means to explore performance. It doesn’t matter where start from, by utilising the core skills, each person will see tangible progress. This helps to embed learning and build confidence for the individual and team – when back in the office they have now a rich experience to draw from.

During the workshop we will move between times of interactive discussion and input in a private room , and time in/on the climbing wall. Refreshment and a buffet lunch is provided.
Fully accessible to anyone, regardless of physical ability, this workshop is delivered by staff qualified as climbing instructors and coaches.


Develop confidence to use foundational peer coaching skills to improve team performance

Develop observations skills and the ability to analyse before jumping in

Understand and begin to implement simple process to improve performance and develop mastery

Develop communication skills which specific regard to improving clarity and giving feedback

Experienced and understood the emotional backdrop to improving individual performance

Explore how the culture of a team effects performance and the benefits of a 'psychologically safe' team environment

Who is it for?

This workshop has been developed for teams who are looking to improve their performance. It is highly applicable for teams who rely on innovation, shared knowledge and the ability to problem-solving together. Teams could work closely on a daily basis, cross-departmental or part of a leadership structure.
1 day
Team development
"I found the course fascinating; it really helped me to understand what goes on underneath a conversation and gave me some really useful tools to use in difficult situations.  I felt so empowered after the course and found myself dealing with situations differently!"
Amanda Howells
Business and Administration Officer - Choose Life