Overcoming challenges as a team on the Gower Peninsula South Wales

Unity & trust

Build trust and develop relationships through a powerful, shared, 'out-of-office' experience.

Workshop overview

This workshop is centred around an unforgettable adventurous experience in the outdoors. Depending on the season and your prefernce this could be coasteering, rock climbing or mountain walking. Taking on, and ultimately overcoming, an experience like this together helps to rapidly develop trust and create lasting memories to draw upon. Time together in these accessible wild places enables the peeling back some of our office-armour to allow new ideas, thoughts and connections to come to life.

Our facilitator will then take some time to unpack this shared experience in a review over a coffee. It is essential that with any meaningful experience there is the opportunity to process it together, taking time to communicate your experience and understand that of others.

We will work with you to make sure the level of challenge a focus is a perfect fit for your team and where they are at.


Develop trust though a powerful shared experience

Find inspiration in a wild and exciting environment

Take time to listen and understand one another

ILM recognises course

ILM recognised development programme

Learners can receive an ILM certificate through attending this course. Recognised internationally for their qualifications, ILM has reviewed and approved the content of this course.

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The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method is a powerful, scientifically developed, multi-dimensional personality assessment that gives teams and individuals a greater understanding of themselves and the language to explain their unique behaviours. Each member will complete a questionnaire before attending. The report will be upacked together through a series of interactive discussions.

Who is it for?

This workshop could be a great launching point for new teams and those who have gone through a time change. It will also be incredibly valuable for established senior teams will also find the time away from the office together incredibly valuable.
1 day
Personal development
Inter-personal development
Leadership development
Team development
""My team was still talking about what we did with Red Rock 10 years after, probably the best motivational team event we ever did.""
David Skews
"I found the course fascinating; it really helped me to understand what goes on underneath a conversation and gave me some really useful tools to use in difficult situations.  I felt so empowered after the course and found myself dealing with situations differently!"
Amanda Howells
Business and Administration Officer - Choose Life