Learning design

Designing learning that stimulates development

Flow – a state of joy, creativity and total involvement. We all know this feeling of being so absorbed in an activity that everything else fades to the background. This is our goal for learning activities.

At the heart of our learning process are powerful exercises that package learning within an immersive experience. This goes well beyond the “5 minute ice-breaker” which is often offered as experiential learning.

Our solutions involve challenge, creativity and unexpected situations that change mindsets, shape behaviour and facilitate skills practice.

We design learning for

Training managers

We partner with corporate L&D teams to co-develop experiential plug-ins for their in-house programmes, or create fully bespoke programmes.

Communications departments

Design of experiential solutions for internal and external comms, or CSR initiatives. Our learning solutions have created for internal corporate teams, customers and members of the public.

L&D providers

We support L&D providers by adding experiential experiential elements to supplement their online, or classroom offerings.

Business schools

Universities and colleges offering executive and professional development courses use our services to develop highly interactive simulations and exercises to help embed the academic learning in practice.


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