How do you get to know new business contacts and develop meaningful professional relationships? Traditionally, the answer was on the golf course. However, far fewer people – particularly younger professionals – are interested in pulling on a pair of tartan plus fours and negotiating the unwritten clubhouse cultural rules.

As a team, we had been discussing ideas to grow communities of like-minded people near where we are based. It was perfect timing when Alastair, a friend and business owner told us about Freshwalks, a growing movement in and around Manchester. Intrigued by his passion for the concept we were keen to get in touch. It was clear from the start that Michael who founded Freshwalks was aiming in the same direction as us and, after a stunning walk to Worms Head and looking over from Rhossili beach we decided to launch a partnership between Freshwalks and Red Rock International.

“In recent years, we’ve expanded across the north of England connecting professionals from Leeds and Sheffield to Manchester and Liverpool – and those in between. Freshwalks works brilliantly for professionals across all sectors whether attendees are looking to make connections, improve wellbeing or focus on professional development."

What is Freshwalks?

When you join us for a Freshwalk you will join a group of likeminded people from the local business community. Each route takes in beautiful and iconic scenery and is led by a local member of the Red Rock International team. By taking time out of the office and stepping into the outdoors with new people you create intentional space for yourself and others. 

We don’t do small talk. We have conversations of depth that spark ideas, grow relationships and give energy.

People come on a fresh walk for a variety of reasons. Our aim is for Freshwalks to help you feel and perform better in life and business. It does this in five ways:

  1. Mental performance & wellbeing
  2. Physical fitness
  3. Collaboration
  4. Knowledge sharing
  5. Networking

Wondering if it's for you?

Who is it for?

If you’re local, involved in a business, and any of the five points above resonate then yes. It’s for you. From sole traders to heads of major organisations, we know that bringing a variety of people together benefits us all.

How fit do I need to be?

Each Freshwalk is different so be sure to check the event description. Some will be more demanding and others less so. It’s not easy to have a conversation when your huffing and puffing so we keep a sensible pace.

Do I need to be an experienced walker?

No. All of the walks are guided but you will need to bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Where is it located?

Red Rock will be organising Freshwalks near, in and around Swansea and Edinburgh. If you’re anywhere near Manchester check out the main Freshwalks website.

Join a Freshwalk...