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Climbing - 2 people looking at mountains leadership

Climbing, courage & leadership

Three of us have just returned from a climbing trip in Oman. One colleague from our UK office and two of us from Qatar. Oman is a spectacular destination for vertical adventure with super friendly climbs in the wadis and big mountain routes in wild, remote landscapes. Our highlight was Jebel Qashait, a beautiful fin of rock with an airy ridgeline. The three of us took the day to slowly ascend sharp limestone snaking our way to a little-visited summit and then descending by torchlight.

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Red Rock International joins 4theRegion as an ambassador

We are proud to announce that Red Rock International has joined 4theRegion as an ambassador. The 4theRegion team has bought together an intentional community of businesses, individuals and groups that want to see the region of South West Wales thrive. This is a grass-roots initiative by businesses who want our local society, economy and environment to prosper.

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Appreciative Inquiry conversation
Personal development

Appreciative Inquiry: a positive approach

The challenge is, that although we may sign up to the philosophy, putting your hand up to say you’ve failed at something is difficult for most of us. When we feel blame hovering over our name, we are highly uncomfortable. We get the theory but find the practice more challenging. So how do we develop people without having them need to own up to failure?

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Stuck in a rut.

Escaping the rut of unproductive conflict

We can find ourselves in a rut through work situations when we are hurt and our mind has chance to freewheel. We start thinking about the situations, the person or people. What we are going to say, how unfairly we’ve been treated. The challenge is we are in a rut, it is tremendously difficult to get our mind out of it. This is a warning sign, the constant thinking about somebody and what they have (or haven’t done). 

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Five essential team foundations

Most of us want to work in great teams, and to do so we tend to focus on the relationships within the team. This is, of course, essential but we often miss putting in to place the foundations, the good soil, that will enable a team to thrive. Here are five essential foundations a healthy team needs to have in place for sustainable high performance and good team relationships.

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Freshwalks: Connect. Recharge. Discover.

How do you get to know new business contacts and develop meaningful professional relationships? Traditionally, the answer was on the golf course. However, far fewer people – particularly younger professionals – are interested in pulling on a pair of tartan plus fours and negotiating the unwritten clubhouse cultural rules.

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ILM qualifications delivered by red rock international

Gain ILM qualifications through Red Rock International

Since 2005, we have been partnering with companies and organisations who require a fresh, high impact and tailored approach to developing their people. Over the years, our customers have asked us about including certification and qualifications in the programmes we design for them. As a result of this we chose to partner with ILM and are proud to be an ILM Approved Centre and Recognised Provider of leadership and management qualifications and development programmes, which can be delivered in English and Arabic.

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Leadership & the unknown

Instinct may tell us that the unknown is a threat to successful enterprise; however there is powerful evidence to show that, when faced with the unknown, outstanding leaders are able to turn the situation around into an opportunity for innovation.

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