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Leadership Fundamentals

Developing strong leadership foundations

Patrick Lencioni said, ‘in order to be successful in leadership, an individual must ‘master a set of behaviors that are at once theoretically uncomplicated, but extremely difficult to put into practice everyday’.
This course equips those who are starting out in leadership with the knowledge and the confidence through hands-on exercises to build a solid platform. We help participants to understand the art of leadership and then equip them for the practicalities.


2 days


8 - 20


Arranged by you or us.
A mix of indoors and out is perfect.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand leadership – what the job entails and what is required from an excellent leader
  • Know how to get sustainable results through your team
  • Appreciate how to recruit the right people and build a motivated team
  • Understand how to solve problems as a team and deal with conflict
"Your care, devotion and flexibility made us feel like we were working within our own department. Thank you for being our partners in success. Thanks RRI."
Nashwa Sabry
Training & development, Heineken

Course overview

This is a hands-on course in which you will get to grips with leadership from the start. We teach contemporary leadership theory
that is current and culturally relevant.

Throughout the two days, participants engage in a practical exercise called ‘The Water Company’. This will allow you to practise taught
skills. Our trainers will facilitate group reviews and provide informal and formal coaching to ensure that you leave with tailored
knowledge, experience and feedback.

At the end of the course you will undergo an individual coaching
session to review your performance and identify your

Course modules

Getting results

Participants learn about leadership tools like the OPCAR model and the XYZ approach to providing constructive feedback.

Foundations of leadership

Learn about the attributes and habits of successful leaders.

Solving problems

Recognise, embrace and move on from failures, to understand the role of creativity in leadership and how to help their teams develop good problem-solving practices

Building the team

Finding the right people and creating culture, to running productive meetings and dealing with difficult people. It also introduces practical tools like performance appraisals and personal development plans.

ILM recognised development programme

Red Rock International works with ILM, a provider of internationally recognised leadership, management and coaching qualifications for over 70,000 leaders every year.


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