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Developing teams, leaders and organisations

Red Rock International was formed in 2005 by Nick and Robert and soon after joined by Nader. Together, they have gone on to be leaders of an organisation with more than 30 incredible people. RRI was created to help people live their best life at work. By influencing attitudes, developing skills and building relationships we have helped tens of thousands of people to live better lives at work and beyond.

Our initial work used the challenge of outdoor adventure as a catalyst for personal growth. Since then we have added many new experiential approaches to our development toolkit.

We continue to design and deliver programmes and events from our centres in the UK, Egypt and Qatar.

Our vision

… is to strive to help people and organizations to grow and prosper through high-impact experiential training programs. Because “We Believe in People,” we are a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of our staff, partners and communities.

Our mission

  • Deliver Transformational Training
  • Develop Relationships and Influence the Community
  • Create Employment
  • Generate Funds for Charity and Support Start-Ups through Investing and Consulting

Our values...


Our training draws on our own experience and business practices; we live what we teach.


We strive for originality and refuse to be tied to convention. We value simplicity, elegance and beauty, whether in our natural environment, the way that we work or the courses that we design.


We exist for people. We operate with transparency and our teams provide an open and safe environment in which to live and work.


We believe that overcoming challenges – physical, mental and emotional -creates powerful opportunities for growth.


We exist to bring about positive change, for our customers and partners, the communities we live in and in the environment that surrounds us.

A partnership based approach

We work with our customers to create development pathways that journey through experiential exercises, contemporary teaching, reflection on existing experience and coaching.

Meet our Egypt team

Nader Maurice

Nader Sameh


Nader has been involved in training and equipping leaders since 2003, freelancing for several large training companies before joining Red Rock International full time. He is highly skilled at helping clients clarify training needs and matching these to suitable development pathways.Insight: Nader initially qualified as a physician from Ain Shams University in Cairo. After completing his studies to become a doctor Nader decided to pursue his passion for seeing people develop the skills and character to reach their full potential.

Shady Maurice

Shady Sameh

R&D and Operations Director

Shady is one of the creative minds behind our experiential team building and development team. He helps in creating new activities, developing existing ones and organises new projects. He also specialises in preparing all the necessary equipment and logistical aspects of all team building training courses as project manager.Insight: Shady is also the director of sports youth camps which are hosted every year in the summer. He’s passionate for developing new activities for both RRI and camps and enjoys staying active in his free time with a variety of sports.

Badry 2

Ahmed El Badry

Sales Manager

Ahmed graduated as a construction engineer from Cairo University and using the skills he’s learned as a project manager in the construction field in previous years, he’s been an important part of our business development team in Egypt. His notable communication skills and networking abilities have helped him particularly in his sales ventures. His creative ideas and attention to detail help contribute to the development of new activities and projects.Insight: Ahmed has been involved in volunteer activities and sports including managing the Global Internship Program in AIESEC Egypt.


Andrew Abed

CBT Operations Specialist

Andrew is all about delivering the Red Rock International experience to our clients. He works on developing new challenges that result in a learning experience and makes sure we deliver them according to RRI standards. Andrew's experience in trading equipped him with the skills needed to deal with people, and he makes sure that he use these skills in our trainings. He is passionate about learning and developing, and he seizes every opportunity to further develop the training operations, dynamics, and delivery. Insight: In another world, he sees himself as a talented saxophonist... at least he thinks so.


Anna Clayson

CBT R&D Specialist

Anna joined our team in late-2018 having graduated from a university in UK with a psychology B.A. She believes that people are their own advocates of change. Her main reason for studying (counseling, coaching and mentoring) at university was to help people get through transitional periods in their lives and pursue their dreams. She aims to transfer these skills as she contributes to the development of our content-based training courses. Insight: Anna is passionate about art. She believes that it is a way to tell people’s untold stories and express their uniqueness.


Chantal Zaki

Info coming soon...


Glory Emad

Marketing Specialist

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Hannah Awsam

CBT R&D Specialist

Info coming soon...

Heba Atalla

Heba Atalla

Finance & HR Supervisor

Heba is a Finance Executive at RRI. Her tasks involve accounting, book keeping, finance and budgeting. Her work also involves producing the yearly statements that guide the company in all the decisions concerning budgeting and finance. Heba is gifted with accuracy and persistent focus along with passion aligned with RRI’s belief in changing people.Insight: She’s been involved in youth camps as a program director which promoted her focus and precision.


Hisham ElHefni

Storage & Equipment Specialist

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Maggie Bahaa

CBT Operations Supervisor

Maggie has been with Red Rock International Egypt office since 2012 and has since been an integral part of the team. She is responsible for the office and course finances, human resources and courses staffing, as well as being the office manager. She also excels in creating interesting and unique presentations for training events.Insight: Maggie is passionate about crafting handmade creations, from natural soaps to weaving and is always pursuing new DIY projects.


Maher El Mallakh

CBT R&D Supervisor

Maher is the content based training specialist. He is part of a team that develops lecture-based training programs. He is enthusiastic in delivering meaningful concepts through an up to date training program. Maher believes that soft skills along with the graduated technical skills are the combination that best achieves a successful career.Insight: His creative work in music production nurtures his creativity, his philosophical studies boosts his intellect, and together they reflect his innovative ideas.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.03.47 PM

Merna Faheem

Marketing Supervisor

Merna has been a part of the Global Marketing Team since September 2014 when she joined Red Rock International Egypt. She is responsible for Egypt’s marketing and social media and enjoys designing and creative writing.Merna is a graduate from the American University in Cairo having majored in Integrated Marketing Communications and currently pursuing a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology.Insight: She enjoys staying active with team sports, Scuba diving and travel adventures within and beyond Egypt.

Nagy 2

Mohamed Nagy

Senior Sales Specialist

Having graduated in 2012, Mohamed has been working in various fields related to client management and coordination and communications. His strongpoints include being a very relational person in his every day life, whether he's at work or socialising elsewhere. He's an avid motivator and a strong supporter of those around him on a daily basis.Insight: Mohamed excels at basketball and is a persistently active person. He played with a local team and constantly challenges his team at RRI Egypt to play and stay active.

Sandra Farahat

Sandra Farahat

Sales Supervisor

Sandra has been a part of the Egypt team since 2014. Multi tasking is her weapon, she not only improves and innovates the classroom programs and deliver them but also helps in business development through sales meetings with clients to get a full picture of their needs. Sandra’s passion to build relationships and impact people’s lives through what she offers is her fuel for every day at work.Insight: Sandra is also a mother of two girls, with whom she gets to share her hobbies of baking and art crafts.


Shirley Tahhan

Business Development Manager

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Wafik 2

Wafik Serour

TB Operations Supervisor

Wafik is Part of the Team Building development, who is always keen to develop people’s skills and extend their capabilities. He is also the Operations Coordinator in the office, in charge of office management, events logistics, and outsourced purchases. His passion for arranging and organising things diligently in harmony is the engine at work.Insight: Wafik has been involved in administrative coordination of youth camps, and charitable events which nurtured his interest in seeing people develop while reaching them through disciplined structured channels.


Youssef Hayaty

Team Building R&D Specialist

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David Skews

RRI Egypt Board of Directors

Robert Landon

RRI Egypt Board of Directors
Suzy Kheir

Suzy Kheir

RRI Egypt Board of Directors
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Wassim Sabry

RRI Egypt Board of Directors

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RRI Egypt Board of Directors

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