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Performance Appraisal
Team members need clear goals and good feedback - great performance doesn’t happen on its own. This performance appraisal training course in Qatar helps participants to guide, develop and manage their team members in the process of maximising their output.

We equip managers and leaders in Qatar to work with the individuals on their team and provide clear setting of goals, good quality feedback on work and clear routes to improved performance. Additionally, leaders are taught how to create a workplace culture that values honesty on performance; recognises great work; and empowers team members to improve.
Performance appraisal training course in Qatar

Course overview

The performance appraisal process is critical to healthy businesses. This training course for leaders and managers in Qatar equips participants with the practical skills and confidence to deal with appraisals, with a focus on giving negative feedback in a constructive way. We equip your leaders to deal well with conflict, as this is often key to unlocking increased performance in their teams.

How does it work?

From the start, leaders and managers practise performance appraisals in groups. Initially, this is carried out by appraising course members undertaking given tasks and moves on to working through role play situations. As the course progresses, participants are observed working through performance appraisals and in-depth personal feedback from both instructors and fellow participants is given. This allows participants to rapidly progress in their skills and confidence.


Get on this course if you:
  • Want to help your team and team members improve their performance
  • Need to learn a structured approach to giving a performance appraisal
  • Want to get better at giving negative feedback
Performance appraisal course for leaders in Qatar

What is the format?

The course is available in a closed and open format. The closed ones can be customised to your business training requirements and company ethos. We also run courses open to all organisations throughout the year - check this webpage for up-to-date details.


By the end of the course you should be able to:
  • Carry out effective performance appraisals
  • Create a culture that inspires good performance
  • Give negative feedback in a way that builds trust and relationship
WHAT do i GET?
  • Pre-course consultation to establish your training needs and understand your company culture
  • Workbook, crib sheets, electronic copy of training presentation
  • 1:1 feedback on performance during scenario based performance appraisals

For full details of the course, download the brochure under 'Key Facts' on the right - 'File Download' section. You can register and book via the brochure. If you would like to contact us directly, please use the 'Contact Us' form to the right.


Performance Angstipation image by Derek Gavey | CC BY 2.0

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“ I would like to thank Red Rock International for the wonderful team outing we had last Thursday. We received very positive feedback from everyone. The day was very well organized, your team was very professional, and the activities helped build team rapport while always remaining enjoyable and engaging. We thank you for the unique experience and we appreciate the work you are doing in the field of developing team cooperation. ”
Shymaa Gabr / Cultural Assistant
key facts
  One day
Participant numbers
  min : 6
  max : 20
  Taught theory; practice exercises; one-on-one coaching; trainer-led reviews; personal development plans
Scheduled courses
Performance Appraisal
Courses are held on a regular basis throughout the year - please check back for the latest details.
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