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Thursday. Nov 20, 2014
Recent events in Qatar
Corporate and university challenge events in the Qatar desert
The Ebda Desert Challenge and then Maersk Oil & Qatar Petroleum (MOQP) Challenge took place at the beginning of November, in what has been a very busy period for the Red Rock International (RRI) team in Doha.

We helped facilitate the Ebda program by offering a unique experience for students away from the classroom, in which they could grapple with the theory of leadership in a practical way.

Highlights from the Ebda Desert Challenge can be found on the Ebda Facebook page.

The MOQP Challege was a large-scale Corporate Social Responsilbity (CSR) event in aid of Action on Diabetes, for which over $110,000 was raised. Again, we wove in demanding mental and physical exercises to push teams to their limits.

Highlights from the MOQP Challenge can be found on the RRI Facebook page.

If you would like to find out more about leadership training and corporate social responsibility events in Qatar, check out our respective webpages:
“ We would like to thank you for the enjoyable, fun, and engaging activity. The team feedback was excellent. They enjoyed working on building the cars and the race. Your coordination and facilitation was excellent, as well as the facilitation of the debrief discussion, this was very insightful. ”
Sara El Mawazini
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