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Customer Service Training

How do you view your customers? Are they a way of making money and increasing your profit? Are they at the heart of your business? Do you really value them, or just say that you do?

The people who use your products or services can be so much more. Delivering an unforgettably positive experience for your customers can help transform them into fanatically loyal ambassadors, ready and willing to spread the word about their first-choice service provider.

Red Rock International’s Customer Service Training course will equip your managers and team members to meet the challenges of customer-facing service delivery.

Our course creates a shared understanding of your organisational culture and values regarding customer service. The training will inspire your staff to transform good customer service into the provision of a world-class experience that will keep your service users coming back for more.


At the heart of great customer service lies an understanding of organisational goals. Once leaders and team members have gained that understanding they will also recognise the need for transformation within the organisation to reach those goals.

The course will demonstrate the link between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and achieving organisational goals. Red Rock International is well known for innovative experiential training which reinforce classroom-based learning and this course is no exception.

By “bringing the customer into the classroom” through lively and engaging exercises the learning objectives are reinforced. The course represents a powerful agent for organisational change in respect to world-class service provision.

The course can be designed around your organisation’s priorities and objectives and may focus on one or several of the following:
  • Linking customer satisfaction and organisational goals
  • Understanding how different job categories impact the customer experience
  • Customer-facing communication skills
  • Building relationships with customers to inspire loyalty
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution with service users and staff


If you work in a customer-facing role, or manage those who do, you will benefit from this course.

In particular, get on this course if you want to:
  • Learn how understanding your organisational goals leads to the transformation that is require in order to achieve them
  • Discover the link between customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and achieving the organisational goals
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing uniformly world-class customer service
  • Transform your service users into fanatically loyal customers who act as ambassadors for your organisation

  • Pre-course consultation to establish your training needs and understand your company culture
  • Customised exercises to allow practice in situations that reflect your team’s situation
  • Workbooks and course notes
  • Team feedback on performance during experiential exercises

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“ We really enjoyed working with Red Rock, they’re very professional. They took care of all the details and their activities were very exciting. ”
Amr Bakr / HR Development Manager
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