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Advanced Leadership Training Course

At the end of this course delegates will be better equipped to:
  • Lead through change
  • Build trust
  • Deal effectively with conflict
  • Motivate teams and individuals
  • Handle criticism
  • Increase sustainable productivity
  • Effect creative problem solving strategies


This course is built around a couple of small exercises and a significant, demanding three day exercise. The exercises enable real team situations to be developed and consequently genuine leadership experience to be gained. The exercises are combined with stimulating and informative classroom teaching and reviews.
Our experienced facilitators use interventions throughout the exercise to coach individuals and the group and accelerate development.

The course is an intense experience and the final exercise should not be underestimated. Participants should allow themselves some time afterwards to reflect on the learning and recover!

 The course develops ability to lead through change, manage people and increase productivity.
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“ We would like to thank you for the enjoyable, fun, and engaging activity. The team feedback was excellent. They enjoyed working on building the cars and the race. Your coordination and facilitation was excellent, as well as the facilitation of the debrief discussion, this was very insightful. ”
Sara El Mawazini
key facts
  5 Days
Participant numbers
  min :  6
  max :  20
  Highly emersive experiential exercise, 1:1 coaching and in-depth teaching
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