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As Lloyd Alexander once said 'l decided that adventure was the best way to learn...' and we agree. but more than anything we love sharing the opportunities we have to experience the challenges and the rewards of the greatest outdoors and contributing to community projects. All our staff are encouraged to get away from their desks regularly and engage in adventure and social projects in order to sharpen their skills, appreciate life, keep fit and healthy and put something back. With these trips there really is something for everyone, so if you fancy a short walk with some fresh air and good company. or the chance tp develop student leadership in developing nation we would love to have you along with us. Events will be posted regularly and just drop us a line if you would like to get involved.

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Scotland Winter Trip
Scotland Winter Trip
23 Feb 2014
6 days
Scottish Highlands, UK Come and get your first taste of winter hill walking and mountaineering in Scotland.  Learn new skills, make friends, have a laugh and allow us to introduce you to the wonderful Caringorm area of the Scottish Highlands.  The trip is for beginners and for those with little or no experience in winter walking conditions.  In addition, a separate stream runs for those with some experience wanting to tackle more challenging summits and ridges.