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Wednesday. May 06, 2015
The Global
A global update for April 2015 from RRI offices around the world.
Recent business news in April was dominated by the dismissal of Jeremy Clarkson, former-presenter on BBC’s Top Gear programme.

As a people development company, we found the unfolding drama fascinating, and took the opportunity to engage in conversations to do with leadership, corporate values and teams.

You can read our popular post ‘Would Your Company Fire Clarkson? #RIPTopGear’ on the Global blog.

No matter where one looks, the need for insightful training and personal development is evident.

Team building activities in Egypt by RRI

On the ground, RRI has been busy across its global offices. Team building was the theme in Egypt where the team delivered successful events for EGIC, RWE and Jumia. The team showed its versatility, with a selection of activities across the spectrum, including Finding Mr Smith, Grand Vision and LipDub.

Read Merna’s post in full about the month in Cairo on the Egypt blog.

Leadership training and team building activities in Qatar by RRI

Elsewhere, particular mention goes to the Qatar office, which threw its official launch party at the British Embassy in Doha. The event coincided with the British Festival, an initiative to foster closer links between the UK and Qatar and highlight UK expertise in sectors such as education, culture and science & innovation – thanks to the British Embassy and British Council!

Find out more from Rory about their month in review on the Qatar blog.

There has been an overarching sense of being grounded throughout the month: serving business teams directly in Egypt to develop their performance and the synergy with British Festival in Qatar committed to business development in country.

Leadership training and team building activities for global business teams by RRI

So, although the month started with the startling news from the BBC and a sense of uncertainty caused by the shockwaves, it has demonstrated that new growth and development spring from times of difficulty in the training world. Indeed, as Charlie Wilson from the UK office explains, only by embracing uncertainty can we really develop personallty and as leaders.

Simon Cox Red Rock International UKAbout the author:
Simon Cox is the International Marketing Manager with Red Rock International in Derby in the UK.

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