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Sunday. May 24, 2015
Events Trifecta
On Thursday, the 14th of May, our Egypt team had their hands full with not just one, but two team building courses, in addition to a classroom training program launch, that were all very diverse.

Not only were all the activities different, with different objectives and for a range of participants, but they were also different in location. We delivered these three events for around 130 participants, in three different cities – in two different countries!
In Cairo, Egypt, we had a classroom program launch for first-line managers with Ahram Beverages Co., while in Sharm El Sheikh we carried out an experiential team building training event for Bayer Group’s annual meeting.

Meanwhile in Amman, Jordan, four of our staff members ventured to deliver an exhaustive team building training program for UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund).

It definitely proved to be a challenge for the Egypt team to organize all the logistics for the UNFPA course in Jordan beforehand, the two courses on the same day in Egypt, as well as preparing for all the other events happening in the upcoming days and weeks.

These challenges are common for this office with frequent courses being booked in the same week, but we’ve become accustomed to dealing with this positive pressure and our cohesive team share the Red Rock International (RRI) spirit of working hard together and for each other, no matter the task.

Check out these pictures from our Egypt team in Jordan while preparing for this course.

UNFPA international delegates try out their bridges while having some fun testing their strength.
This course featured a number of Arab celebrities who are also delegates with UNFPA. The program we delivered for them aimed to increase verbal and non-verbal communication, cooperation and enhancing teammates’ relationships.

These objectives were communicated through two of our most popular team building activities, Bridges and Lip Dub. Bridges specifically aimed to encourage verbal communication as well as cooperation, while Lip Dub helped communicate verbal and non-verbal communication and enhancing positive relationships between teammates and unity.

The four Egypt office members, Shady, Adham, Youssef and Ahmed went to Amman a few days before the course to prepare all the materials necessary for our Bridges activity. From drilling the carefully measured pieces of wood to sanding it down, the materials were finalized with the help of a friendly local carpenter.

Get to meet the Egypt office team here.

Overall, this entire program was a big hit with our client and the participants.

One of the Bayer teams get together for a team selfie as part of the mini-challenges preceding the Finding Mr. Smith activity.

Bayer annually hosts a conference somewhere different every year for all their Arab offices in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq to meet. This year, they hosted their conference at the Grand Rotana hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, and for a change, they teamed up with us to add a unusual element to their schedule – an experiential team building activity to boost teamwork, enhancing positive relationships and morale boosting.

Building the RRI catamarans is no easy feat! Teams are seen here in the first phases of the challenging building process.

The activity they engaged in was Finding Mr. Smith with a combination of mini-challenges to gather tokens in order to purchase the instruction briefs to built catamarans.

Participants were enthusiastic and communication between teams was highly effective throughout the activity. Overall, teams were engaged throughout the activity and the end result was rewarding for the group as a whole.

The Red Rock International team on the event with Splendid Travel and Bayer in Sharm El Sheikh.

Meanwhile in Cairo, Egypt, our country manager, Dr. Nader Sameh launched a yearlong program for 20 first-line managers from Ahram Beverages Co. This was a start to a comprehensive program intended to develop these 20 first-line managers to reach their fullest potential as leaders.
“ We really enjoyed working with Red Rock, they’re very professional. They took care of all the details and their activities were very exciting. ”
Amr Bakr / HR Development Manager
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