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Sustainable growth just makes sense. At Red Rock International we are committed to growing in a manner that is environmentally and socially sustainable whilst generating fair profits.

Environmental Sustainability
We understand that the cumulative effect of businesses, organisations and individuals working to minimise their carbon footprint is necessary to reduce the impact of climate change on our planet. So in all our work we think about the consequences of the resources we use, the travelling we undertake and what we do with our waste products.

Our business is international and so one of the largest challenges we face in minimising our footprint is in reducing our flights as we develop into new markets. As for all companies, there are significant challenges and in some cases sacrifices, but we are choosing to face them directly and communicate honestly with our partners about our issues and progress.

Social Sustainability
As we develop we do not lose sight of our responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers and the local communities. These are the foundations for our socially sustainable growth. The baseline for our behaviour with these stakeholders is ‘fairness’: fair prices, fair wages and fair contracts. And beyond that, we seek to use our time, skills and resources to benefit the communities where our businesses are based.

Such activities include delivering our professional training services on a pro-bono basis to not for profit organisations and NGOs. We have also delivered personal development training for recovering addicts and young people at risk. Releasing our staff to provide such activities is a priority for us.

Many of our customers have also made strong sustainability commitments and so we are proactive in finding ways to include community and environmental projects in the delivery of our experiential training.
“ We would like to thank you for the outstanding team building day we had as our participants were happy with the experience you created. ”
Noha Abbas / Training Manager
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