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Red Rock International has prided itself over the years on its close team of full-time and freelance staff and the increasing network of loyal clients. We hope this page will help you get to know us better.

Nick Ashley
Senior Instructor & Qatar General Manager
Nick founded Red Rock International in 2001 to inspire, challenge and create a supportive community in which clients and staff would have the stimulus to reach their potential. He has managed the Red Rock International head office in the UK until moving to Doha in 2014 to pioneer the new branch.

His background is in engineering, from which he moved into people development, and has now been designing and delivering innovative training programmes for 20 years.

Nick also loves adventure, whether a family camping trip to Zekreet in Qatar, or mountaineering in Morocco.

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Robert Landon
Senior Trainer & International Director
Robert is an experienced trainer, who spends much of his time designing transformational programs that combing theory and experiential elements. He also coordinates the activities of the five RRI offices and four partners.

Robert first gained experience in the corporate sector through working in the pharmaceutical industry (GlaxoSmithKline). He has qualifications in outdoor and adventure based experiential training and joined Nick in 2005 to develop Red Rock International as a Director.

Robert and his wife Beth have four children who keep them busy outside work. He also loves to go mountain biking, get up to the Scottish Highlands for mountaineering or just to potter about in boats.

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Nader Maurice
Egypt Country Manager
Nader has been involved in training and equipping leaders since 2003, freelancing for several large training companies before joining Red Rock International full time. He is highly skilled at helping clients clarify training needs and matching these to suitable development pathways. In addition to serving our clients, Nader leads the Egypt team and is a member of the International Board of Red Rock International.

Nader’s recent RRI clients in Egypt and Central Asia have included PwC, BP, BG Kazakhstan, Mobiserve, Mars and Al Ahram Beverages.

Insight: Nader initially qualified as a physician from Ain Shams University in Cairo. After completing his studies to become a doctor Nader decided to pursue his passion for seeing people develop the skills and character to reach their full potential.

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Charles Wilson
Course Designer & Trainer
Charlie brings 20 years of experience in the academic, commercial, voluntary and education sectors to his role of course designer and trainer with Red Rock International.

He spent four years at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, and then as a post-graduate at Durham University, working with a team of research geologists from the Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil. This has given him a strong grounding with multi-national, multi-disciplinary teams.

Charlie joined RRI in 2012 and has a flair for creative presentations, cross-cultural communication and designing RRI distinctive courses in the UK, Qatar and Kazakhstan.

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Euan Mackenzie
UK Managing Director
Euan's background in leadership and project management in the corporate world provided strong preparation for the challenges of leading a rapidly growing international business.

His passion is to build strong highly productive teams that deliver both in terms of results and development of the individuals involved. This provides a strong platform for input into the Red Rock leadership and team development courses as well as facilitating the large scale adventure challenge events that Red Rock run across the globe.

He loves both playing and watching team sports and enjoys getting out on his mountain bike when his family and time allows.
Michele MacNaughton
Senior Trainer
Michele is an ex-Olympian with a masters degree in Sport Psychology and over ten years of experience working with people to reach their potential.

She blends seamlessly psychology, sports science and medicine, including a series of bio- and neural-tests, to help identify relevant issues that impact performance. Her methods consistently enable athletes to reach their peak performance.

Michele is also a consultant in the corporate business environment, including an in-house health and wellness program for BG Group, and has worked on RRI leadership and team development workshops in the UK, Kazakhstan and Egypt.
Sam Pate
Course Designer & Trainer
Sam’s background in engineering and experience working for Rolls Royce, combined with his passion for adventure and challenge, has equipped him with the skills and experience to design exciting, valuable and relevant courses for our clients.

He is particularly passionate about our Large Corporate Challenges in which he leads in the design and directing of the events around the world.

Sam is a qualified climbing instructor and is pursuing other mountaineering qualifications when he is not surfing and mountain biking. Most at home in the outdoors, Sam knows first-hand the necessity of good leadership and teamwork in achieving objectives.

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Thomas Smiley
Executive Coach
Thomas was raised in the Silicon Valley, USA and was inbued with that culture of innovation and entrepreneurship from an early age. He has started and run several companies, both in the USA and Turkey. He brings to RRI over 25 years of experience working across cultures with multi-cultural teams. He is an Executive Coach that has had clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

He has been involved in the MEA region for over 20 years.
Thomas is passionate about helping people understand themselves and their roles in all areas of their life, believing that people are most effective when they have confidence in themselves.

Thomas is a Certified Associate Coach with the International Coach Federation. He also holds a BS in Managerial Economics, an MA in TESOL and an MA in Global Leadership, with an emphasis on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning.
Miriam Ashley
Communications Director
Miriam (also known as Mim), has a background in Human Resources and training.

She is married to Nick and has four children, Andrew, Matthew, Liberty and Jonathan.

Miriam enjoys an active lifestyle, joining Nick and her children whenever possible for adventures on land and water!

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Matt Low
Senior Trainer
The outdoors and adventure have been a defining part of Matt's life from an early age, and it was not long before he entered the outdoor pursuits world - at one time one of the youngest Mountain Leaders in the UK.

Since then Matt has accumulated a vast amount of experience and expertise, particularly in mountain and expedition travel. He has both lived and worked in Africa and France, so brings a unique flavour to RRI.

Matt is also passionate about training and development: he joined us on BI Group events in Kazakhstan and was a key part of the recent EBDA expedition to Kilimanjaro.

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Marina Masterskaya
Programme Manager
Marina is a dynamic young woman, hailing from Kazakhstan, where RRI has been active in delivering large scale challenge events and business training.

Like the rest of the team, she has significant experience in the training sphere, and brings a strong administrative streak to her work.

Insight: Marina loves to travel and is also fluent in Russian.

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Sidney Ramos
Business Development Manager
Sid has over 15 years of experience working with global businesses, and was instrumental in establishing RRI´s Cairo office, designing training relevant to the Egypt market.

He is passionate about developing people in international businesses, working with behavioural analysis and researching best practices in cross-cultural issues and sustainability within multicultural teams. 

Sid is married to Su, and has an adventurous heart, having led overland expeditions to the Sahara and social projects in developing countries around the globe.

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Adham El Sherei
Project Manager
Adham is part of the team building and development team in Egypt with a strong achiever spirit. He helps develop new activities with his department colleagues and is always up for a challenge, whether it’s flying to China to acquire a new activity, or working relentlessly in the office to make sure the courses we deliver are to the RRI standards.

He has been in the culture & engagement field of work for around 5 years, having worked for a leading telecommunications company in Egypt in previous years.

Insight: Adham is a Scuba diver and has a vivid interest for exploring the Egyptian deserts and other untouched destinations; he’s also working on an entrepreneurial start-up that is focused on encouraging adventure tourism in Egypt.

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Ahmed El Badry
Business Development Manager
Ahmed graduated as a construction engineer from Cairo University and using the skills he’s learned as a project manager in the construction field in previous years, he’s been an important part of our business development team in Egypt. His notable communication skills and networking abilities have helped him particularly in his sales ventures. His creative ideas and attention to detail help contribute to the development of new activities and projects.

Insight: Ahmed has been involved in volunteer activities and sports inlcuding managing the Global Internship Program in AIESEC Egypt. He was among the Secretariats of the Model United Nations at Cairo University and travelled to Nairobi on a community development program with AIESEC Kenya. He is also a self-taught musician, a hard core gamer, a self-proclaimed chef and a monster movie buff.

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Heba Atalla
Finance Specialist
Heba is a Finance Executive at RRI. Her tasks involve accounting, book keeping, finance and budgeting. Her work also involves producing the yearly statements that guide the company in all the decisions concerning budgeting and finance. Heba is gifted with accuracy and persistent focus along with passion aligned with RRI’s belief in changing people.

Insight: She’s been involved in youth camps as a program director which promoted her focus and precision.
Maggie Bahaa
Human Resources Manager
Maggie has been with Red Rock International Egypt office since 2012 and has since been an integral part of the team. She is responsible for the office and course finances, human resources and courses staffing, as well as being the office manager. She also excels in creating interesting and unique presentations for training events.

Insight: Maggie is passionate about crafting handmade creations, from natural soaps to weaving and is always pursuing new DIY projects.

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Maher El Mallakh
Content Based Training Specialist
Maher is the content based training specialist. He is part of a team that develops lecture-based training programs. He is enthusiastic in delivering meaningful concepts through an up to date training program. Maher believes that soft skills along with the graduated technical skills are the combination that best achieves a successful career.

Insight: His creative work in music production nurtures his creativity, his philosophical studies boosts his intellect, and together they reflect his innovative ideas.

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Merna Faheem
Marketing Specialist
Merna has been a part of the Global Marketing Team since September 2014 when she joined Red Rock International’s Egypt office. She is responsible for Egypt’s marketing and social media and enjoys designing and creative writing for work-related projects and other ventures.

Merna is a graduate from the American University in Cairo having majored in Integrated Marketing Communications with minors in both Business Administration and Psychology.

Insight: She enjoys staying active with team sports such as basketball and volleyball as well as volunteering for developing the youth of Egypt through summer sports camps.

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Mohamed Nagy
Business Development Specialist
Having graduated in 2012, Mohamed has been working in various fields related to client management and coordination and communications. His strongpoints include being a very relational person in his every day life, whether he's at work or socialising elsewhere. He's an avid motivator and a strong supporter of those around him on a daily basis.

Insight: Mohamed excels at basketball and is a persistently active person. He played with a local team and constantly challenges his team at RRI Egypt to play and stay active.

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Pamela Labat
Business Development Specialist
Pamela is a business developer who had discovered her passion for changing and impacting people’s lives positively. Her passion started through realising that she was invested in, as a person, and wanted to pass it on to others.

Insight: Her past experience in the training field, along with extracurricular activities equipped her to be able to lead a group of people and be confident in speaking publicly. Pamela has also a TOT certificate.

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Sandra Farahat
Content Based Training Department Manager
Sandra is the Classroom Training Manager. With her team they prepare and deliver customised trainings that bring forth the professional soft skills needed. Multi tasking is her weapon, she not only improves and innovates the classroom programs and deliver them but also helps in business development through sales meetings with clients to get a full picture of their needs. Sandra’s passion to build relationships and impact people’s lives through what she offers is her fuel for every day at work.

Insight: Sandra is also a mother of two girls, with whom she gets to share her hobbies of baking and art crafts.
Shady Maurice
Experiential Training Department Manager
Shady is one of the creative minds behind our experiential team building and development team. He helps in creating new activities, developing existing ones and organises new projects. He also specialises in preparing all the necessary equipment and logistical aspects of all team building training courses as project manager.

Insight: Shady is also the director of sports youth camps which are hosted every year in the summer. He’s passionate for developing new activities for both RRI and camps and enjoys staying active in his free time with a variety of sports.
Wafik Serour
Operations Coordinator
Wafik is Part of the Team Building development, who is always keen to develop people’s skills and extend their capabilities. He is also the Operations Coordinator in the office, in charge of office management, events logistics, and outsourced purchases. His passion for arranging and organising things diligently in harmony is the engine at work.

Insight: Wafik has been involved in administrative coordination of youth camps, and charitable events which nurtured his interest in seeing people develop while reaching them through disciplined structured channels.
Youssef Yacoub
Content Based Training Specialist
Youssef has been a part of the classroom team since April 2015 when he joined Red Rock International’s Egypt office. He helps develop classroom curriculums and delivers classroom and outdoor training courses.

Insight: Youssef is a dentist by background and studied Philosophy at Oxford University. He likes reading, volunteering for youth development in summer camps and participating in think tanks regarding big philosophical questions.
Wassim Sabry
Experiential Trainer
Wassim studied Business Informatics at the German University in Cairo and then went on to further studies in Oxford, UK, before joining Red Rock International.

He was also the coordinator of youth development camps in the Middle East, focusing on leadership training, team building and character development. With this background, he has been an effective facilitator and leader of many team development courses in Egypt.

Wassim is fluent in English and German, as well as his mother tongue, Arabic.

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Suzan Said

Suzan is a Senior Trainer who speaks from significant personal management experience in MEA, North America and Europe. Before joining Red Rock International her last position was as Chief Operating Officer for an IT & Telecoms company, AA Technologies, where she made significant contributions to the management structure and business expansion. Throughout this management career, Suzan’s greatest satisfaction has come through developing people and teams and she has a strong business track record that points to her success in this.

Suzan joined Red Rock International to be able to focus on developing business leaders in the MEA region, particularly in executive positions. Suzan consults for our customers to tailor develop plans to meet their organizational needs. She is focused on delivering and measuring results from training that will affect the business bottom line. She holds an MA in Organizational and Leadership Development from ETSC.

Suzan is fluent in English, French and Arabic.
S Hong Moon
Hong is one of a select few development training and experiential learning practitioners in South Korea.

He has facilitated a wide range of team development and leadership training courses in the UK, Turkey, France, North Africa and South East Asia. He brings many helpful insights on cross-cultural working and opens up perspectives with the groups he facilitates.

Hong is also one of the first Koreans to earn UK qualifications in rock climbing and kayak coaching, and holds a Masters in Development Training from Lancaster University.

“ Red Rock International have been excellent partners with us in delivering the BG Energy Challenge since 2006. This fun, challenging and exciting event brings together the energy industry in Kazakhstan. ”
Nigel Gould Davies / VP Policy and Corporate Affairs, Central Asia at BG Group
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