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Looking after the environment

Where we’re coming from.
The heart of the RRI Team is adventure. Or favourite places are wild, untouched, beautiful landscapes. This planet has got under our skin and we know we are part of it all, not primarily observers or consumers of the Earth.

In practice
So how does this play out practically in our work at RRI? We have put together an Environmental Policy document to help us plan how we can best look after the environment and to communicate these practical actions to our customers and future employees.

One of our Core Values states that…

“We’ll give as much as we can back to the development of the environment and the communities in which we operate. We have a rule of thumb: we aim to leave each location in which we work in a better condition than we found it.”
This includes our UK base, so we take part in volunteer days on local conservation projects such as reducing erosion on sand dunes or protecting wetland habitats. Such events are also great inspiration for us, learning about rare insects and plants from the experts we work with. We love these opportunities to give back and to expand our awareness of the riches on our doorstep

Our policies cover our office based work (from shutting down computers when we’re not using them to purchasing recycled printer paper) and our events and courses. In countries where facilities are not available (e.g. for recycling) we aim to inspire and create demand. Environmental planning and reviewing is a standard component of our course and event delivery so we can constantly improve in our care of the environment.

In the cooking pot
We love the challenge of working out creative solutions to issues that face us. Currently in the planning stage is one such idea: We are looking to combine our desire to make a positive impact on the environment within some of our events, by teaming up with conservation projects on the ground in the countries we operate in. It’s win win! The project gets a team of highly motivated, capable volunteers and our clients have the added satisfaction of knowing that in addition to achieving the aims of their event, they have made a real impact on their local patch.
“ We really enjoyed working with Red Rock, they’re very professional. They took care of all the details and their activities were very exciting. ”
Amr Bakr / HR Development Manager
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