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Experiential team and leadership training for business

Red Rock International is a global people development company that designs and delivers experiential training courses in leadership and team building, as well as large scale challenge events, for businesses.

Our instructors are our secret weapon, blending knowledge of corporate training requirements with a passion for experiential learning. The result is enjoyable and memorable courses that link theory with practice which improves performance back at work.

We operate according to the highest international standards of health and safety. 

Red Rock International's vision in Qatar


In each person, team, organization and region there is potential for positive transformation. We help organizations around the world to deliver this potential by investing in their people and contributing in society.

Red Rock International's mission in Qatar


Red Rock International is a thriving global community that exists to help people and businesses develop. We build long lasting relationships with the organizations that use our services and become their trusted partners. We help organizations of all shapes and sizes with L&D consultancy, training and high impact events.

As we live out our company culture and create world-class people development services, we are a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of our staff, clients and communities.

Red Rock International's values in Qatar


Authentic – we only teach what we have experienced and we try to live out our training

Adventurous – we relish challenge and the development that comes from it and make ambitious plans

Creative – we look for fresh ways to help people develop. We’re not tied by convention and we value beauty

Relational – we are for people. Our teams are open, safe and fun and we prioritise time to enjoy being with people

Transformational – we’re excited to make a difference in people’s lives, businesses, our communities and the environment

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“ By being in a remote outdoor environment like Sky Resort, it really allowed the course to push people to their limits within the knowledge that all the activities were delivered to the highest safety standards and quality. ”
Michele McNaughton / BG Kazakhstan
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