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Experiental Learning

Experiential Training Exercises for teams and leaders

To deliver real change and development, our courses often incorporate experiential training exercises. Whether a sophisticated business simulation game, challenging wilderness adventure, or fun problem solving in the hotel garden, these create engagement and stimulate learning.
  • Simulate the problems and issues faced in business
  • Provide a measure of team and individual performance
  • Highlight pathways to improved performance
  • Make training enjoyable and memorable
  • Embed theoretical learning solidly into practise, making application back at work more likely
  • Allow participants to practise soft skills in non-critical situations
Experiential training improves the outcomes of training interventions by embedding the theoretical framework within exercises that give opportunity to gain personal experience of using the tools in practise.

Aftr 2 weeks we tend to remember

Our experiential training is highly customised to meet specific business objectives. We have designed experiential training exercises for a wide range of customer objectives, including:
  • Improving cooperation between departmental groups whilst focusing competition on the competitors
  • Improving the quality of work
  • Increasing ownership for results and accountability
  • Increasing the effectiveness of planning.

We have an ambitious goal for our training - transformation. This is most readily achieved by repeatedly applying the course learning through experience and refining the process through coaching. 
On each course, you will find the elements of Teaching, Experience, Review, Coaching and Improvement.

“ We would definitely recommend the Red Rock International team for future activities, and amongst other UN agencies. On behalf of UNFPA team, we extend our appreciation and thanks to everyone on the Red Rock International team. Job well done, it was really excellent. ”
UNFPA Egypt Team
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