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Course Design Process


Here’s a rough guide to our customer centred bespoke course & event design process:

1) Initial discussion
When customers approach us with a recognised training need, we spend time to understand the organisational background, clarify objectives and define the scope of work. Normally at this stage we can suggest some different approaches to gauge what is appropriate. Where possible, we involve all the likely stakeholders and partners: HR, marketing, travel departments, etc.

2) Proposal
The initial proposal will indicate our recommended approach, practical arrangements and course costs.

3) Refining the proposal until desired outcomes are well reflected

The proposed course ideas will be refined until they fully reflect what the customer wants to achieve. During this stage we gain a much fuller understanding of the customer culture and add in extra objectives as the customer sees what is possible on our courses.

4) Course booking

5) Course design & preparation
Location selection (customer’s site, hotel, natural environment, etc.)
Practical exercise selection, design or customisation
Writing and branding course teaching notes
Multi-media materials preparation (video, music, PowerPoint’s)

For the design and preparation phase we encourage customers to remain involved and we are accustomed to working in close partnership with stakeholders throughout the organisation - from L&D to HSSE.

6) Assessment of Outcomes
Wherever possible, we like to assess the outcomes from training to ensure it was on target. This can be tackled with varying levels of sophistication depending on how much resource your organisation can devote to the task.

7) Lessons learned

Contact us to discuss your training requirements. 

“ By being in a remote outdoor environment like Sky Resort, it really allowed the course to push people to their limits within the knowledge that all the activities were delivered to the highest safety standards and quality. ”
Michele McNaughton / BG Kazakhstan
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