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Oil Rush - Team development
Our most intense team development course for your vital teams who need to fast track team skills and relationship.
Expect challenge, new effectiveness as a team, in-depth personal feedback and an unforgettable experience.

Some teams are too important to fail. Oil Rush is the course for these teams.
Over three days, your team will be challenged and stretched by a concentrated version of real life work. As you explore for and extract oil you will refine the way you function together and develop personal skills in team work and leadership.

It is complex, demanding and feels incredibly real.

Oil Rush is designed to build the following in your team:
  • One team culture
  • Good planning and organisational skills
  • Effective and efficient communication
  • Strengthened relationships, confidence and skills to face conflict and resolve issues
  • Overcoming spirit
Your team will be required to organise themselves and take charge in a complex, multi-dimensional exercise. After the first 10 minutes you are likely to forget it is just a game!

There are a number of potential wells in the desert and off-shore which may yield oil. To reach the wells you will need to set up a base camp in the desert. The GPS location of each well is earned by completing tasks.

Your team will need to design and build equipment to pump the oil out of the wells. In addition, for the wells located in the sea, you will need to build floating rigs.

You will need to organise your team into three functional groups: Finance, Operations and Facilities. Each team will have specific responsibilities. At times they will be required to work separately and at times they will need to collaborate with each other.

To be successful you must extract and sell enough oil to clear initial investments from a venture capital fund and finish in profit.


Our approach not only teaches what to do, but also gives participants the experience, insight and support they need to make it a reality. The intensive Oil Rush experiential exercise is at the heart of the course. This stretches and challenges team working to provide rich material for reflection and learning.
Each person has a minimum of two 1:1 coaching interventions. These are often a course highlight as they deliver in-depth honest feedback and support for change.

  • Teaching, workshops and work books focussed on your training objectives
  • Experiential opportunity to practise taught content
  • Group reviews capturing team performance and detailing steps for improvement
  • Two individual coaching sessions during the course
  • Course Commitment Charter drawn up during final review and detailing decisions and commitments to improve team performance
  • Personal development plan in the areas of skills, relationships and character resulting from final debrief
  • Exciting, memorable and bonding team experience

"You did an excellent job of simulating the industry and the kind of projects / pressures we work with - something that I know has received a lot of positive comments & discussion in the team since we came back to work.
It seems like everybody has taken something positive away with them and I feel as a team we are far stronger for it."

"Thanks for a memorable and excellently organised event. I am convinced the effectiveness of the team will improve both as an immediate effect of the event and in the slightly longer term as a result of executing the identified actions."

"For me personally it has been a great experience and I’ve learned and relearned a lot of things…….I’d also like to personally thank you and your team for your advice and guidance on the challenges of leadership in these complex teams that you gave throughout the exercise and during the feedback session. I can genuinely say that it has improved my outlook on where I am and I can see a way forward to where I want to be that I was really struggling with before."

All comments following a course with Maersk Oil Qatar, Field Development Plan Oil Rush Team Build

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“ Your care, devotion and flexibility made us feel like we were working within our own department. Thank you for being our partners in success. Thanks RRI. ”
Nashwa Sabry / Training & Development Manager, Heineken
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