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Performance Appraisal

Great performance doesn’t happen on its own - people need to be guided, developed and managed. Performance appraisal skills are a central tool to this process.

This course equips participants to work with the individuals on their team and provide clear setting of goals, good quality feedback on work and clear routes to improved performance.

The course inspires leaders to create cultures that are honest about poor performance, recognise great work and provide team members with realistic paths to doing things better.


For many, performance appraisals simply don’t happen or are ineffective and just the route to giving annual salary decisions.

This course helps participants create a performance culture for which the performance appraisal is an important part. A step by step guide to doing a performance appraisal is presented with particular emphasis on how best to give negative feedback.

From the start, the group practices doing performance appraisals. Initially this is carried out by appraising course members undertaking given tasks and moves on to working through role play situations. As the course progresses participants are observed working through performance appraisals and in-depth personal feedback from both instructors and fellow participants is given. This allows participants to rapidly progress in their skills and confidence.


Get on this course if you:
  • Want to help your team and team members improve their performance.
  • Need to learn a structured approach to giving a performance appraisal.
  • Want to get better at giving negative feedback.
  • Want to create a culture that inspires better performance.

  • Pre-course consultation to establish your training needs and understand your company culture.
  • Customised role play situations to allow practice in situations that reflect your team’s situation.
  • Workbook, crib sheets, electronic copy of training presentation.
  • 1:1 feedback on performance during scenario based performance appraisals.


By the end of the course you should be able to:
  • Get better performance from your team and team members.
  • Carry out effective performance appraisals.
  • Create a culture that inspires good performance.
  • Give negative feedback in a way that builds trust and relationship.

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  Performance Appraisal
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