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Basics of Leadership
Leadership skills can be learned. Everyone in the organization can become a great leader, starting from the point where he stands right now. The success of the organization hangs on the quality of leadership not just at the top, but also throughout all lines of management. As J. Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”
This course equips and inspires participants to become leaders. This does not happen in a classroom of listening
and taking notes. We work with participants to provide an interactive learning setup that allows experience, reflection,
dialogue, feedback, and coaching.

This course takes participants on a three-day development journey. Day one is the first step towards understanding what is and what is not leadership and how it works in real life.

Participants get involved in self-understanding exercises and learn how to create a self-development plan to become the leader that people want to follow.
Day two is about the people that a leader leads. Leadership is a relationship where the leader is only one side of it. Team members are the second and more important side in this relationship. Participants learn in day two how to develop their team members’ capacity, improve competencies, manage performance, motivate and achieve goals and results; always through, not apart, from their team members.
Day three equips participants with a toolbox of skills which are key to achieve success. These are problem solving and decision-making, planning and control, and communication.
Throughout the three days, participants engage in role plays, challenging exercises, reflective dialogues, group discussions, and one to one coaching sessions.

This course is delivered in-house for a group of employees. It is for those who:
››Need to develop leadership skills.
››Want to build team members towards greater performance.
››Need to achieve challenging results through the team.
››Need to learn a structured approach to problem solving and decision making.
››Want to be an effective planner and a good communicator.

››Pre-course consultation to establish your training needs and understand your company culture.
››Customised case studies and role plays to allow practice in situations that reflect your work situation.
››Workbook, crib sheets, electronic copy of training presentation.
›› 1:1 feedback on performance during role plays and thinking through case-studies.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:
››Gain confidence and get energised to lead in their position.
›› Expand self-awareness and know how to communicate, motivate and lead others.
››Know how to manage the performance of the team towards goals achievement.
››Know how to communicate like a leader.
›› Understand the mechanism of problem solving and decision making.
››Be able to create and control their own, as well as their team’s, development plan.

Learn how to become a leader who gets results through the team and models the way for team members to become leaders.
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“ We really enjoyed working with Red Rock International, because they are very professional. They took care of all the details and their activities were very exciting. ”
Amr Bakr / HR Development Manager, Pirelli
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