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What team challenge events achieve
Corporate Team Challenges are big events that can pack a big punch! They come into their own when you need to create impact and a lasting impression. Find out full details and see case studies on our Corporate Challenge Event website. 

Here are the five main reasons why companies choose corporate team challenges:


Developing teams and leaders

The events are powerful experiences which develop teams and leaders. We specialise in creating immersive simulations which test and refine critical people skills. If teams can perform under the pressure and demands of these events, they can perform in any business situation.
And it's not just the participants who benefit. Since 2006, BG Kazakhstan have used the organisation of their annual event as a type of whole company team build. Many of the staff get involved in different ways - from fund raising to acting as marshals through the challenge. It breaks down barriers in the compay and sees many strong links formed that drive productivity throught the rest of the year.


corporate team challenge for csr

We have used these events to promote various causes that our clients support. This has included conservation of water resources, raising awareness of diabetes, to raising money for a disabled childrens' society.
On each occasion, the theme was woven through the event to maximise awareness and ensure the key messages reached the press.
Themes along the lines of Education, Health and Fitness, Business and Innovation and Conservation of the Environment all fit well.

Our CSR corporate challenge events have raised over $1million USD.


corporate team events for marketing

Several of our clients organise an annual challenge that they invite teams from across their industry to compete in. The buzz from these events places them clearly in view of the industry and government stakeholders. It also guarantees acres of column space in industry journals, web forums and even their competitors' internal publications.

To get your brand out in the national media takes big sums of money - unless you can do something so unique and exciting that the media will chase you for the story.
Corporate team challenges are rich in media friendly people stories, competition and amazing images and footage. Our events regularly make it into the national press and tv, making them an attractive alternative to advertising.


Corporate team challenge team building

Corporate challenge events can create a buzz that raises morale and engages the workforce. Our customised events can rally your entire company around the mots important messages.


corporate team challenge

Be a great company to work for and improve the quality of your employees' lives. As staff traing for and then take part in an inspirational challenge challenge event, they will form positive lifestyle habits. While their fitness improves they will take more joy from exercise and gain an increasing understanding of the importance of a healthy diet.

 Find out why companies are coming to us to deliver corporate team challenges and what they are achieving.
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