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Construction Courses
Construction-focussed activities for business teams in Egypt offer a unique combination of time pressure and a real-life problem that develops a results-focus in your team.
Construction team building training courses in Qatar


There is nothing like a bit of pressure to bring out the best in a team. Our construction challenges are particularly good at this, as teams need to produce tangible results in a race against the clock. Our range of team building activities in Egypt are specifically designed for this context, in which construction plays an important part. We also place heavy emphasis on equipping your teams with learning that will serve them back in their workplace.


Our team building courses are suitable for teams of a range of different sizes; you can choose the level of complexity and all are flexible to your time constraints. Each construction activity is based in or near Cairo, maximising your time away from the office. Teams are given a creative challenge to solve in the area of construction. Each requires a physical, hands-on approach, but also requires key management skills to be exercises, such as planning, communication, setting objectives etc.


Our team building activities are suitable for business teams in Egypt that want to improve their performance. We can accommodate small and large teams, and all activities can be customised to your existing training needs and staff development programme.

Construction team building training courses in Qatar


These courses are designed for accessibility, are easily arranged and all specialist equipment is provided. They take place over a half or full day and run throughout the year - check this webpage for up-to-date details. We run the following courses as standard:



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“ On behalf of my team, our Deputy CEO, Mr. Tamer El Mahdi, and the entire OTMT team, I would like to thank you and your team for a job very well done. We have all really enjoyed the team building event, and feel that it was a very fruitful day that was equally educational as well as fun. Your activities are really nice and well thought of, and you and your team carried them out in a very pleasant, professional and friendly manner, that made everyone feel at ease and allowed them to make the best out of the entire day and the experience. We look forward to conducting more events with your agency in the future. Once more thank you and very kind regards. ”
Manal Abdel-Hamid / Vice President, Corporate Affairs
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