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Competition Courses
Competition is an essential driving force for innovation and performance. That is what our fast-paced, competitive teambuilding activities strive for. They mimic real-life scenarios where competition is present while allowing them to test how far they’re able to go to come out as champions. Healthy competition can bring out the best in your team and encourage team synergy in pressed situations. 


Competition isn't always just about beating your rivals. Our competiton activities go beyond that by encouraging oneself to exceed their own expectations through innovation and, more importantly, collaboration to succeed. Any given challenge provides an opportunity for a person or a team to overcome it, however, competition adds another time-pressing factor that urges people to think strategically and innovatively to perform even better. Collaboration is the key in our competition team building activities and that becomes relevant once teams experience the strength in performing as a unit rather than as individuals when competing against their rivals.


We can offer four creative team building courses that are suitable for teams of different sizes; those that want more or less complexity; and incorporating different timescales. Each activity is based in or near Cairo, maximising your time away from the office. Generally, outdoors and hotel-based, teams are required to find creative solutions to innovative challenges. Planning skills, commmunication, collaboration, creativity and other areas are developed throughout with their experience in these team building competitions.


Our competition team building courses are suitable for business teams in Egypt that need a fresh approach to performance optimisation. We can accommodate small and large teams, and all activities can be customised to your training needs.


These courses are designed for accessibility, are easily arranged and all specialist equipment is provided. They take place over a half or full day and run throughout the year - check this webpage for up-to-date details. We run the following courses as standard:




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“ We would like to thank you for the enjoyable, fun, and engaging activity. The team feedback was excellent. They enjoyed working on building the cars and the race. Your coordination and facilitation was excellent, as well as the facilitation of the debrief discussion, this was very insightful. ”
Sara El Mawazini
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