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Personal Effectiveness Training
We use the term Personal Effectiveness in Egypt to include the range of attitudes, skills and behaviours which are needed in all businesses and at each level in the organisation. Where an individual can make improvements in thsee areas the results can be seen immediately in their work. Where a whole department or organisation  takes steps forwarsd toether, the results are transformative.
These high impact behaviours have a significant impact on the business's efficiency, safety and culture. 

We have wide ranging experience of developing interventions to embed particular effectiveness behaviours into organisations. Contact us if you want to talk about specific areas that are relvant to your business. Out of this customised work, some particular areas often come up and so they are presented below.
“ We would definitely recommend the Red Rock International team for future activities, and amongst other UN agencies. On behalf of UNFPA team, we extend our appreciation and thanks to everyone on the Red Rock International team. Job well done, it was really excellent. ”
UNFPA Egypt Team
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