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Coaching for Managers
This is a managerial coaching course in Egypt that is designed to train managers so that they have the skills to help their team members discover and achieve their full potential. Good managerial skills in coaching enable participants to motivate, develop competencies, and guide their team members to reach their optimum performance.
Course Overview

We train your managers in Egypt in coaching skills which will expand their ability to manage their teams. Key skills include: establishing trust, asking questions, engaging in empathetic listening and giving and receiving feedback. They will gain insights into setting goals and developing plans, as well as learning how to facilitate progress, overcome struggles and encourage achievement.

Coaching for managers course in Qatar

how does it work?

This course helps managers to define their own areas of influence, understand the learning style of the coachee and be able to choose the coaching approach that returns the best results. We deliver this through a combination of interactive activities and step-by-step processes. Taught communication skills are continually reinforced through practice. Group discussions help individuals look at solutions to possible obstacles and our trainers work directly with each participant to help them form an ongoing development plan for implementation in their workplace.


This course is suitable for you, if you:
  • Have responsibility for a line or project team
  • Want to develop your team and team members towards their full potential
  • Want to develop your own coaching skills
Coaching for managers training course in Qatar

What is the format?

The course is available in a closed and open format. The closed ones can be customised to your business training requirements and company ethos. We also run courses open to all organisations throughout the year - check this webpage for up-to-date details.

What will I learn?

By the end of the course you should be able to:
  • Help your team members and colleagues improve their performance and overcome obstacles
  • Recognise the key factors that make effective coaches
  • Expand your communication skills through asking questions, empathetic listening and giving and receiving feedback
What do I get?
  • Pre-course consultation to establish your training needs and understand your company culture
  • Workbook, crib sheets, electronic copy of training presentation
  • 1:1 feedback on performance during coaching practice sessions
How do I find out more?

Please contact us directly by using the 'Contact Us' form to the right.


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“ Your care, devotion and flexibility made us feel like we were working within our own department. Thank you for being our partners in success. Thanks RRI. ”
Nashwa Sabry / Training & Development Manager, Heineken
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